A straightforward solution with ProData’s Nearshoring - Karle Stangeland, Department Manager, Lyse IT

Lyse IT:

A straightforward solution with ProData’s Nearshoring

We were lacking specific IT-competencies in Norway and it was the right timing when ProData Consult presented their model for Nearshoring in Warsaw.

It was proven that ProData Consult was quick at finding skilled and well trained IT consultants for us. Also, the consultants have been quick to get into our systems in Norway and they understood our problems very well. The collaboration has worked very well, and for a good price.

It is a straightforward solution with ProData’s Nearshoring facility in Warsaw - especially because the consultants are self-motivated and is so well qualified, that we do not have to explain everything down to the smallest detail. They are a great help and it has been a good solution for us - we did not have the resources ourselves.

Our experience is that the Polish IT specialists have good working environments and there is excellent cooperation between specialists in Poland and our Norwegian IT department.

I am very satisfied with the service, and have just expanded it with several consultants.

Karle Stangeland
Department Manager

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