Great demand for designers

ProData Consult is best known for supplying expert developers, testers and project managers, but due to a great demand for designers we now expand with strong design competences in our database.

It is no longer only innovative companies like Apple, which focus on design. More and more of our customers have realized the value of state-of-the-art design solutions that can strengthen the company's brand ─ and often the bottom line too.

Earlier companies hired advertising agencies to handle design tasks, but many of our clients now want consultants to solve their design projects, which means that ProData Consult has experienced a massive increase in demand for skilled designers. Not only in Denmark but in all of our departments: In the Netherlands, half of the consultants on contract are designers and our German clients buy as many consultants with these specific skills as we can find.

Because of this demand we now have many extremely talented designers in our database. Therefore, there is a great chance that we can help your company, if you find yourself in need of design skills.

The image shows a design example by Taras Kravtchouk, one of our skilled designers, who did art direction, interaction and user experience design for his client, Datscha, who delivers analysis of the Swedish property market.

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