ProData Consult expanding in the Netherlands

ProData Consult has opened a branch office in the Netherlands and has appointed Toine van Kastel as Country Manager.

Van Kastel has more than 15 years’ experience in sales, IT and HR and has successfully helped organisations recruit top-flight freelance resources and permanent staff.

Second entry to the Netherlands

This is ProData Consult’s second entry to the Netherlands. Prior to 2010, ProData Consult in the Netherlands was a licensed franchise, but the owner, Dataman, lost their license when they went bankrupt in October 2010. At the time, ProData Consult Holland was a successful enterprise. Accordingly, ProData Consult is eager to recreate the success with the help of van Kastel, who managed the ProData franchise under the ownership of Dataman. 

A solid business

The object of the Dutch branch of ProData Consult is to establish a solid business and recover the former clients and consultants so that a new client and consultant database can be built up. The goal is to achieve a healthy turnover by the end of 2013.

ProData Consult Holland has an office in Gorinchem and the local sales team will consist of Toine van Kastel and an assistant. All back office services will be managed by the head office in Denmark.