Best Practice no. 2, 2013

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Editorial, Søren Rode, CEO.

A world in flux

In this edition of Best Practice we focus on the subject of Scrum, the most popular and most commonly used agile method – a process tool and project method gaining ground everywhere.

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Joint interview with Kasper Fehrend, Saxo Bank, and ProData consultant Brian Fischer.

Scrum novices can start here

Head of IT WEB Kasper Fehrend and Scrum Master Brian Fischer, who both are highly experienced at creating effective Scrum teams, explain the multifaceted role of the Scrum Master, the essential Product Owner and high-level planning.

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Joint interview with Kasper Fehrend, Saxo Bank, and ProData consultant Brian Fische.

Release problems: zero

A Scrum team has been developing the Saxo Bank community website for three years.
Along the way, the team has gone from a slow release process to zero faults and as many releases as operations desire.

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Interview with Rasmus Skibye, Section Manager, Information Technology and Services, Telenor.

Scrum trumps waterfall at Telenor

Efficient sprints, fast deliveries and valuable knowledge transfer are a few of the advantages that Telenor has achieved by going the Scrum route. But it took a lot of work to get the model implemented.

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Interview with Brandon Mayo, Project & Business Development Manager, Nordea.

Scrum has to get into the blood of the business

Brandon Mayo was thrown into the Product Owner role without knowing anything about Scrum other than what he had read on the net. Today, he is enthusiastic about the method which works well across considerable distances and a large organisation.

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Article by Project Manager Ole Højriis Kristensen.

Possibly the best in Denmark

Ole Højriis Kristensen optimises everything he touches. As an agile project manager, he is a real geek when it comes to automating Scrum processes. Here he tells ConsultantNews about an award-winning intelligent Scrum board he developed in a project for Vodafone.

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Interview with Jan Wolff, HR and Sales Director ProData Consult.

Succeed with Scrum

Scrum can speed up a project and minimise errors, but for many businesses the agile adventure ends with a ticket back to the waterfall model. That is a shame, according to ProData Consult’s HR and Sales Director, because minor changes can bring
major Scrum success.

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